Monday, 31 August 2009

Alpha Bears CD finished

My CD is finally finished and I am so proud of it. It would have been finished ages ago but I didn't want to just chuck it out in folders. I wanted it presented professionally and easy to use. So it has landed, an easy to navigate menu with interactive features to let people edit inserts and greetings tiles. I have started working on my next one as Create and Craft want to air it, just need to get my finger out regarding samples etc. Mind you they say the camera adds 10lbs might be a good time to get cracking on the diet and hope only 1 camera points at me at a time.
Check out my website more samples will be added when I get time to post them


Cheryl said...

hun well done you on getting your cd finsihed if it is anything like your crafting its going to be one briliant cd love cd's especially if they have great ideas for inserts in them,I always put inserts into my cards,but would be great to have some you could print off, all the best of luck with it hun and bless you for following my blog love cheryl xxxx

pjay said...

Thanks Cheryl there is loads on there there is blank word books and number books to make too.