Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Book Style Card

I saw an idea on the tv where they joined 3 gate fold cards together to give a kind of book style scrapbooky feel so gave it a try. Gate folded 3 A5 cards, stuck together matted and layered with silver mirri board and printed backing papers. Embellished with some decoupage, tag, ribbon, peel offs and corners. It all folds together like a little book.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Flippin Men Decoupage

I love these designs they are very cheeky. I created an oval apperture card on the robo, I cut 2 of them and put the acitate window in and stuck the 2 cards together.

Glitter Girls Beauties and Beasts

This is the first card I have created using the new Glitter Girls cd Beauties and Beasts. I have used the bookafleur board. The cd is lovely and you can change the characters clothing colour and change backgrounds and colours to co-ordinate.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

More Of My Craft Robo Templates

Here are more of the templates I created for the robo. These are only test cuts. I really need to take time and make them up properly as they would look stunning embellished and put together properly.

Some of my Craft Robo templates

For weeks possibly more I have been creating some templates. Due to work etc not had much time to test cut. Well took some time today and decided to get the finger out. I never decorated the cards like I would when making a finished card. I basically just wanted to see how they cut out and if they needed adjustments. I think if I make them up properly and embellish them they could be stunning. IMAO

I have loads more so will update when I have the time.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

New Vintage Rubber Stamps

Today was very rere, I had a day to myself. So I went to the local craft shop and browsed for ages. Normally I have my 6 year old with me who thinks it is boring, so any visit there I usually just try to grab what I know I want/need and have a quick run round. I bought 2 vintage type rubber stamps one male and the other female and a few vivid ink pads. Lately I have been doing more crafting from cds so I thought I would have a go at my first love lol. Here are the 3 cards I managed to make.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Paul McKenna here I come

This is my first ever blog. Today I have spent quite a bit of time phaffing to try to make it a bit more interesting. Primarily though as titled it is for crafters to visit and hopefully to meet like minded people and share hints tips and inspiration. At work today I was having a fight with a trojan on a PC, I could have easily just scrubbed it and restarted from scratch but then where would the challenge be. I doubt I will be doing anything crafty this evening. I have another date with Paul McKenna aparenty he is going to make me thin. Yes over the festive period I bought his DVD box set of I Can Make You Thin, well if looking at myself naked in the mirror after coming out the bath doesn't scare me into doing that, then nothing will. This is week 2 of watching the DVDs and strangely my eating habits have changed, it is early days. I hope it continues. I will keep you posted. Although I did catch my 6 year old son down on the floor saying to the cat, look into my eyes, look into my eyes, this was him trying to hypnotise the cat. Paul McKenna doesn't say these things and he hasn't seen the disks, this was from my husband who told me the disks had arrived. He did the impression from the Hypnotist character from Little Britain. Kids are funny mad little people.
Don't get me started on those hideous slimming knickers. Try getting them on, and once on how the heck are you supposed to go to the loo?? Nope tried them and to be honest they made me want to hide under the duvet with a bottle of Vodka. Does anyone wear them out there??
Anyway I have blabbed on enough. If you drop by say hi and thanks for stopping by

Monday, 12 January 2009

Fairy Poppet

Stamped and embossed the fairy Poppet image then water coloured using Marvy Le Plumme pens and water brush. Used pearilsed card and run through a cuttlebug embossing folder, added a few silk flowers and a few gems and edged with fine line peel offs. I have left a space for a greeting once I find a home for it.

Father-in-Laws Card

I created this card for my Father in Law as he loves the book Oliver Twist. I used the image from The Cupcake Double Trouble Cd. Image was printed onto photograph paper and the backing paper and inserts printed onto pearlised paper. Matted and layered with backing paper and gold mirri board. Finished with a peel off greeting and a few corner peel offs. He loved the card.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Craft Creations Stricty Card Dancers

I created these two cards using the Strictly Card Dancers cd by Card Creations. On both I mounted them onto pearlised card and printed backing papers and inserts onto pearlised paper. The cameo one I brought into my Robomaster software so I could use the print and cut feature to make sure the cut was perfect, I am never happy with the way I hand cut cameos as I always find fault with them so this method worked best for me (saved me from driving myself crazy). One I gave a double embossed wavy line and set off with some peel offs and added a small double gross grain ribbon. The other I mounted onto holgraphic card used some peel offs and finished with some gems.

Kitten Pyrimage

Just quite a simple card here. I used a pre scored square card and mounted the pyrimage onto gold mirri board, mounted onto the card and edged with gold peel offs.

New Feej Designs Deco Divas

A good friend sent me the new Deco Divas cd from Fee J Designs as a surprise. A lovely gift, there are loads of images on here. I just had to try the new style Blinding decoupage she had on there, well I'm asuming it is new as I have never tried it before. Hopefully I have assembled it the way that is is meant to be here are the results. I gatefolded an A4 perilised card, printed off a backing sheet on perilised paper and mated an layered onto silver mirri board. Assembled the Blinding decoupage which I must admit is time consuming so won't be using this for every card, then mounted onto silver mirri board. Finished with an insert and a few corner peel offs.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Glitter Girls Character Walkers Spaceman

This is the first Character Walkers character that I have done. I must admit when I first put it together I thought it was for the bin as it look pretty rubbish. But with some silver peel offs and a few jewels then he looked ready for blast off, oh sorry for the pun, I couldn't resist.

Some Of My Craft Robo Designs

Here are some Craft Robo designs that I have created. These were only test cuts to see how they came out. I haven't taken time to do anything creative with them to show them off better. I have quite a few more that I have done but I haven't taken pictures and some I haven't test cut yet but I will do soon. Keep checking back for more additions.

Birthday Card for Indiana Jones Mad Son

I created this for my sons sixth birthday. He was Indiana Jones mad at the time. Printed a map onto pearilsed cream paper although it doesn't show up too well on the photo, aged the edges by tearing and running over with a black inkpad to give a scorched look. Traced round an Indiana Jones picture and created a gsd file which I then cut out on black paper for the silhouette. Also decoupaged 3 idols from the various movies. Cut out the word Indy, today and number 6 on the Craft Robo then ran a gold inkpad over them and embossed, did this a few times in bronze and gold to give old antique effect. Finished with Indy insert and a smaller silhouette Indian on the back also cut on the Craft Robo. Love that machine!!!

Fee J Design Elegant Lady

Created this using Feej Designs Elegant Ladies 2 CD. Printed onto glossy photo paper and mounted onto pearilsed card, I do like my pearilised card. Added some peel offs and some purple glitter glue round the skirt hem.

Large Stamped Persian

I have had this large rubber stamp for a good few years and had forgotten all about it. This was simple as the image is lovely so I didn't want to do too much to it. Stamped then embossed and matted onto some patterned mirri board, mounted onto some pearilsed card, added a piece of ribbon and a few corner peel offs.

Quickie Cute Christmas Companions

Needed to run up a few last minute cards and didn't have much time. I printed off some backgrounds from Cute Christmas Companions cd rom from Crafters Companion. I have the mice stamps but I had created full couloured images and scanned to a file, then brought them into my Robo Master software and used print and cut feature to cut all the mice out for me on the Craft Robo. I printed on matt photo paper to look like they had been stamped. Put the cards together and added some glitter. Nice christmas cards when time is scarce.

Feej Designs on Bookatrix

I made this using Glitter Girls Bookatrix board. I have had the board for a while but never really used it so thought I'd better give it a bash. The ballerina is from Fee J Designs Ballet Belles CD. I brought the jpeg image from the cd into my Craft Robo software (robo master), made it smaller to fit the bookatrix page and also used the print and cut feature to cut the design out on the Craft Robo. I designed and made the stand again in Robo Master to hold the book and also made the box using the Crafters Companion Ultimate pro. I used a nice pearilsed card and patterened mirri card. I must admit I am really happy with the way this came together I don't think the photo shows it off to it's full glory. Nothing like blowing your own trumpet eh!!!! lol