Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Paul McKenna here I come

This is my first ever blog. Today I have spent quite a bit of time phaffing to try to make it a bit more interesting. Primarily though as titled it is for crafters to visit and hopefully to meet like minded people and share hints tips and inspiration. At work today I was having a fight with a trojan on a PC, I could have easily just scrubbed it and restarted from scratch but then where would the challenge be. I doubt I will be doing anything crafty this evening. I have another date with Paul McKenna aparenty he is going to make me thin. Yes over the festive period I bought his DVD box set of I Can Make You Thin, well if looking at myself naked in the mirror after coming out the bath doesn't scare me into doing that, then nothing will. This is week 2 of watching the DVDs and strangely my eating habits have changed, it is early days. I hope it continues. I will keep you posted. Although I did catch my 6 year old son down on the floor saying to the cat, look into my eyes, look into my eyes, this was him trying to hypnotise the cat. Paul McKenna doesn't say these things and he hasn't seen the disks, this was from my husband who told me the disks had arrived. He did the impression from the Hypnotist character from Little Britain. Kids are funny mad little people.
Don't get me started on those hideous slimming knickers. Try getting them on, and once on how the heck are you supposed to go to the loo?? Nope tried them and to be honest they made me want to hide under the duvet with a bottle of Vodka. Does anyone wear them out there??
Anyway I have blabbed on enough. If you drop by say hi and thanks for stopping by