Monday, 31 August 2009

Alpha Bears CD finished

My CD is finally finished and I am so proud of it. It would have been finished ages ago but I didn't want to just chuck it out in folders. I wanted it presented professionally and easy to use. So it has landed, an easy to navigate menu with interactive features to let people edit inserts and greetings tiles. I have started working on my next one as Create and Craft want to air it, just need to get my finger out regarding samples etc. Mind you they say the camera adds 10lbs might be a good time to get cracking on the diet and hope only 1 camera points at me at a time.
Check out my website more samples will be added when I get time to post them

Love Word book on the pazzles

I did this word book on my pazzles, I had designed it ages ago for the Craft Robo, but used a converter to change it over for the Pazzles software. Bound it with my Bind it all, I had to use it for something, I bought it ages ago and must hang my head in shame as it has hardly been used.

Flippin Bookie

I made this card for my dads birthday. I still love the La Pashe Flipping range. I made the apperture card on the pazzles to mount the Flipping Men decoupage on. I used 3 pieces of A4 card. I cut 2 with appertures and a dashed line to fold which was used to join the apperture part to the plain piece of A4. on the second piece of A4 card the dashed piece was cut off then both appertures were stuck together with acetate in the middle. Oh I hope that makes sense. I cut out dad in mirri board along with corners on the Pazzles. Any way the finished result is the card below. He loved it as he does like a bit of a flutter

Pazzles Arrived

After having a love affair with my Craft Robo for 18months or so I decided although I did love him I wanted something with a bit more oomph!!! I searched the Internet and read all about various machines. I fancied a Bosscut Gazelle but they aren't available in the UK unless you ship them in yourself from the US. Not ideal as if something goes wrong, it can be a pain. Then after looking in to the pazzles I made my mind up that this was the one I wanted. After a carry on to get it from a UK supplier (who will remain unnamed) I am tempted to name and shame but I won't. My lovely pazzles arrived. She is quite a bit bigger than my robo but by goodness is she quieter. And boy does she do as she is told. I have cut fun foam thick and thin on it to make finger puppets and a mask for my little boy, glitter card, thick card and mirri board all cut like butter. She cuts bigger, better and I know exactly where she will cut. Love her to bits. Not tried embossing with her but I do have the tool for it but might need the mat. I think I will keep my Robo for print and cut projects, I have heard that the Pazzles does a print and cut but it doesn't have an optical eye . Will look into it further when I have time.