Friday, 19 March 2010

Disk Update

Ok Ok this must be the dullest craft blog on the planet. The disk is going to be finished in the next day or so. Looking good even though I do say so myself. So when I have had a good old play there will be pictures, I promise. Also the Desgin Team will be getting let loose to do there thing on it, I can't wait to see their creations.
I am really excited as from the begining of June I will be giving my full attention to Crafty Catz so things will be coming faster and also I can spend all my time on rubber stamps, templates, disks etc. I also plan to get some blog challenges going with a little help from a few friends so an exiting time.
I had planned to have some stamps available by now but a supplier has been holding things up a bit waiting on stuff coming grrr but not to worry. It gave me longer to play around with the equipement. Oh I did have a really cute bear stamp done with and ice cream who when stamped and coloured was adorable, may post a picture later. He hasn't made it onto a card yet but he is so cute. I also had a few owl stamps made up when I was playing around as owls seem to be taking over the world just now lol that and cupcakes.
Anyway that's just a bit of an update. As for people asking about the Design Team I have published their names on the website.

I will add all the names on here and links to their blogs (for those who have them) later on today.
I did want to put pictures of them and a little bio but a few are very shy about photos.

Anyway enough of me babbling
Bye for now