Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Simple male themed card

Believe it or not this card actually looks nice in real life but not so much in the picture, honest.

Made embossed squares on the Craft room Workstation, then cut out and edged with peel offs. Printed out backing paper and mounted on to an A4 half fold card and also edged with peel offs. Stuck some gross grain ribbon to the back of the embellishments and mounted using large foam pads. I have left it without a sentiment as I usually like to wait until I decide who is getting the card befor doing also put matching insert.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Another Fairy

Another fairy card same design as the last but this one has decoupage instead of a topper.

Poser Fairy 2

This fairy was another born from error. She was spare after I printed her instead of the decoupage sheet so just used her alone as a topper. Matted and layered again with patterned mirri board and pearilised brown card. User a Kameo Cards Plaid and Co backing paper. Used patterned scissors for the matted and layered card and put gold on top of gold for a subtle Happy Birthday, every fairy needs a few butterflies so added these in peel off form to finish off. I like the idea of 8x8 sized card but didn't have any so cut down 2 sheets of A4 card making one slightly larger just large enough for a strip of double sided to join the cards together

Poser Fairy

Decoupaged up this fairy she was lovely to work with. Matted and layered onto patterned mirri board and pale green card. I used backing paper from crafters companion vintage times cd, put a stip of mirri card on the front edge and used a border punch on the backing paper so the gold would shine through. Here is the finished result, not tackled an enevelope yet will cross that when I find a home for this lol. Oh this was two pieces of A5 card stuck together the from one was scored about 1 cm in to give an edge to stick together an trimmed off a bit to show more of the back, well truth is I needed to trim off a bit more as I had a mishap with the border punch oops!!!

Excellent Service from My Craft Studio

A few posts ago I mentioned about contacting My Craft Studio via their website about the disk that came with the Run Circles Around Men's CD. I thought it was awful, content, quality of designs etc. They replied to say this was how the images were supposed to be etc. The out come however was they dealt with me both professionally and courteously. I returned the disk and I was asked which Men's disk I would like to change it for. I chose the It's a Boy Thing, which arrived on Friday. I am very happy with this as the images are what I would expect from the My Craft Studio team.
This is the sort of service that everyone should recieve, I am glad I never went through Create and Craft as I don't think I would have got anything do. So well done My Craft Studio and thank you

Quick Update

I haven't been on to update pictures. I have been very busy. I am still working on my cd which is coming along well although one of the programmes I was using decided to play silly beggars. I got it sorted but took quite a few hours to sort out.
I have been watching the craft weekend and have managed so far to resist temptation but must admit there wasn't really any must haves on, or should I say wasn't much that I hadn't already bought.
I got a pair of fancy edged scissors out of Poundland and was surprised that they were actually really good so went back and got the other 2 designs. You just need to have them all lol I got 4 pots of cosmic shimmer yesterday so want to give those a try out. I have a few cards on the go so they should be finished tonight or tomorrow evening all going well so will post pictures as soon as they are.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Flippin Valentine

My hubby and I don't usually do the whole Valentine thing. Don't need to be told when to say I love you but as I am in the throws of loving Flippin Men and my hubby loves to soak for ages in the bath I thought this would make him laugh. Apperture, hearts and love embelishment cut on the Craft Robo. Border peel offs put round the apperture and also around the plain red insert. Added some stitch effect using fine tip of a Mary Le Plumme brush marker.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Flippin Women are out Now!!

Well they are here Flipping Women. I didn't even wait until they were aired on Create and Craft, I loved the Flipping Men collection so when I knew they were available I ordered the Flipping Women. I later watched the show on Create and Craft and I love them.
They have a crafter so that will definately come in handy to send to someone, (me) but they are so much fun I can't wait until they arrive.
Have a look on La Pashe site to view them http://www.lapashe.com/flippin-women-decoupage.htm

Helix Craft Room and Run Circles Around Men

My Helix craft room arrived on Friday. I looked at it for quite a few days swithering whether to buy it. I have the Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro, I do like it but it has a few faults that I don't like mainly the cutter that it came with isn't great, it would probably be better to use a different craft knife than the supplied mouse cutter. I don't see the point of buying something then having to replace one of the features with an alternative, but all said and done I still like the Ultimate despite of this.
I must admit though I do like the Helix Craft room too, I think they are quite different beasts and comparing them would be like comparing apples and pears. I like that it came with the overlays for scoring the shapes, one of the main reasons for getting this was to get my 6 year old son more involved with crafting. He has tried to use the glitter girls boards in the past but finds them too hard. I also got the Run Circles Around Men kit to go with it, again as it came with a board for embossing and all male themed sports figures so again something to get my son involved. I haven't used the circle cutter yet and admit I have the Robo so didn't need a circle cutter but again I can get my son involved he likes a shot when I am crafting so might as well get something fun for him.
On to the cd that came with the Run Circles Around Men kit, it is a My Craft Studio one, where should I start? It is awful. The images are poor quality, the whole disk makes me think it was put together in a rush. The borders are poor graphics and to try to size them even slightly larger just makes them distorted. The backing papers are very basic and to be honest I wouldn't use them to make a card. The outline images supposed to be used in co-orination with the board are tiny and to try to size thes to match the size on the board just creates a distorted mess.
If you come across this cd on it's own and think ypu would like to buy it, I would advise against it. Give a 5 year old some paints and they will come up with better backgrounds.
I will be keeping the Craft Room but might return the Run Circles Around Men as I am so un-impressed with the cd that came with it there really isn't anything I wound use on it.


I have been spending quite a lot of time playing around with PSP X2. I must admit I really like it I have been working my way through tutorials to learn how to use different features and have got quite a few tubes. I have managed to make some lovely backing papers and surprised how easy it is to achieve some stunning effects. I also managed to find some lovely art that I have permission to use so now might be the right time to start creating my own cds. It is something I have been threatening to do for a few years so watch this space.