Monday, 23 February 2009

Quick Update

I haven't been on to update pictures. I have been very busy. I am still working on my cd which is coming along well although one of the programmes I was using decided to play silly beggars. I got it sorted but took quite a few hours to sort out.
I have been watching the craft weekend and have managed so far to resist temptation but must admit there wasn't really any must haves on, or should I say wasn't much that I hadn't already bought.
I got a pair of fancy edged scissors out of Poundland and was surprised that they were actually really good so went back and got the other 2 designs. You just need to have them all lol I got 4 pots of cosmic shimmer yesterday so want to give those a try out. I have a few cards on the go so they should be finished tonight or tomorrow evening all going well so will post pictures as soon as they are.